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What is SUCCESS?

Photo: Success next exit.

What is SUCCESS?

WOW!!! This is the first article I am writing in my whole life and I am writing about SUCCESS. Why am I writing about SUCCESS? It’s because I am successful? Or is it because I am an expert at this topic? The main reason I am writing about this special topic is because I believe every one of us is a successful person in one way or another. Let me explain to you why I think so.

Have you learned how to speak, read or write in more than one language? Have you lived in two different centuries? Have you gotten married? Do you know how to ride a bicycle? Have you run a marathon? Have you graduated from school or college? Do you have your own home? Have you started a blog? Have you helped someone in need of help?

Have you become a father, mother, aunt, uncle, grandfather or grandmother? Have you lived in a foreign country or state? Do you know how to cook? Have you done something that scares you? Do you know how to drive a car? Do you know how to swim? Have you read a book or magazine from cover to cover?

If your answer was YES to one or more of these intriguing questions, in my opinion then you are a fully qualified successful person. It’s all perspective of our own beliefs. We go day by day judgeging or comparing to others and the results create in our minds an idea of superiority or inferiority.

Remember, “Energy flows where attention goes.”

So lets turn on the switch of getting into the habit of counting and being more aware of the little baby successes and victories that we experience during the day. Is that OK with you?  Say YESSSSSS very loud and let’s move forward…

I decided myself a few years ago that I will focus my energy and my attention on the little successes that I am achieving in order to increase my self-confidence, self-image and my self-esteem. I came across a great and very insightful exercise that I found in one of my favorites books called “The Success Principles: How to get from where you are to where you want to be” by Jack Canfield (Best selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) and this is how it works.

Do you want to increase your happiness, self-esteem and self-image? Are you serious?

Well, this is what we need to do. Grab a pencil and a blank sheet of paper. Start by dividing your life into three equal time periods – for example if you are 30 years old, your three time periods would be from birth to 10, 11 to 20, and 20 to 30. Then list three successes you have had for each time period. To help you get started, I have listed my own below:

First third:

1.      Went to Disney World

2.      Learned how to ride a bicycle

3.      Learned how to walk and run

Second third:

1.      Got 9 A’s in twelve grade to be able to graduated in high school with honors

2.      Learned how to drive a manual car

3.      Learned how to plow the land

Final third:

1.      Got married

2.      Learned how to speak, write and read English (I now fully understand English & Spanish)

3.      Graduated from college with a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering


That’s my challenge to you. But not now!!! Later…To really convince yourself that you are a successful person who can continue to achieve and experience great things complete this exercise and list 100 or more of your life successes and victories.

Finally, I been reading about personal development for over 5 years now and I found some very unique statements about SUCCESS from best selling authors, great athletes, entrepreneurs and other great minds. Here is the compilation of all the thoughts from these amazing individuals.

What is SUCCESS?

SUCCESS is determined not so much by size of one’s brain as it is by the size of one’s thinking.  SUCCESS means many wonderful positive things. SUCCESS means personal prosperity: a fine home, vacations, travel, new things, financial security, giving your children maximum advantages. SUCCESS means winning admiration, leadership, being looked up to by people in your business and social life.

SUCCESS means freedom: freedom from worries, fears, frustrations, and failure. SUCCESS means self respect, continually finding more real happiness and satisfaction from life, being able to do more for those who depend on you. SUCCESS means winning. SUCCESS is knowing your purpose. SUCCESS is planting seed of greatness in other people. SUCCESS is constant developing of your maximum potential. SUCCESS is a journey.

SUCCESS is the progressive realization of a worthy GOAL. SUCCESS is a never ending journey. SUCCESS is your constant progress toward your highest purpose, your vision and the life of your dreams in all areas.

SUCCESS is a direction you choose to go. SUCCESS is something you attract by the person you become. SUCCESS is not a matter of chance is a matter of choice. SUCCESS is a marathon not a sprint.

What’s your best definition of SUCCESS? Share it in the comments section below.

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  1. Wow… this article is impressive,,, I really liked becuase is a reality… that many people dont know… We can do whatever we want, the first pass is just believe in us and follow ours dreams…

  2. You are a SUCCESS my friend – congratulations on a terrific first blog! It’s an honor to be the frat comment! YES!!

  3. Awesome!

    Brother, You are a truly successful person!
    I’m successful, because I have your friendship!

    Learning, How To be Happy, in this Journey we call “life”, and then, at the end of the journey, to leave the “learning ground” in better shape because of what you did while you were learning how to be happy (The Legacy)… that’s Success!

    Much Blessings and SUCCESS!!! Yeah!
    Fernando Vélez Betancourt

    • That’s is very profound!!! Thanks for reading & commenting.

  4. Hey brother this is awesome. Everybody need to do this exercise. Great success to you my frined.

  5. Congrat’s “Sky is not the limit, Our wrong toughts are our real limits” “Innovate or Die”

  6. I want to thank everyone of you by taking the time of providing me some great feedback & for participating in this blog.

    Lets grow this blog into a place of positive, inspiring and uplifting ideas!!!


    Anastacio (TASO)

  7. In this world surrounded by bad news, this kind of Blog offers a breath of fresh air. Keep it up!

    Taso, remember that sometimes “Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm”. Winston Churchill

  8. Love your article..I’m always inspired by your desire of success… and this “your first article” is another success…
    Thanks for always sharing that energy with others..
    Taso, you forgot to say that success is also finding happiness in everything you do..

    Cheers my friend and much me Blessings to come..

    • heers my friend and much more Blessings to come!!!

  9. Congratulations!!! Great first article and tool. I found it very inspiring. What I liked the most was your reference to “baby successes” because sometimes one might wait a lifetime for that big house, great job, fast car while forgeting that the journey and the things that happen in the meantime are just as fulfilling. So, from now on: make the “small things count”.Oh, as for me, success is taking a step forward even when fear, insecurities and inner voice tells me to turn around and run the other way.

    • WOW Jen, thank you very much for your enhancing ideas & support of this new blog. Baby successes or like Dr. John Demartini says “Count your blessings”.

      What you said is very profound because sometimes we get to focus on the big home-run & not the hits, doubles & triples that we have been achieving through the season of life.

      Keep it up & welcome to this community of hungry people looking to accomplish great things in life.

  10. Very Very Inspiring!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. Great article my friend! Congrats! Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned with us.
    My favorite Success statement: “SUCCESS is something you attract by the person you become”. Jim Rohn

    • Thanks for stopping by my friend 🙂

      “Success is not something you pursue. If you try to pursue it, it’s like chasing a butterfly, you can’t quite catch it.” by Jim Rohn

  12. Great Job. Taking ones perspective and making it everyones goal is a true definition of a leader. Keep inspiring. Keep leading. Your are what you always said you would be. Successful!!!!!
    John Betancourt

    • Hey John, your positive vibe is contagious my friend. I really appreciate you for taking the time & reading this masterpiece.

      Your feedback means much to me!!!

      Keep it UP CHAMP 🙂

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