Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | August 15, 2011

“Going After Your DREAMS Regardless of Your Age” (2 of 2)

Photo: A bunch of young people jumping high to reach their dreams.

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In the last article I talked about great people in an advanced age that believed deeply in their dreams and with furious determination followed relentlessly a journey that ended up reaping extraordinary results as a consequence of following their burning desires.

In this second part of this series I will show you the risk takers, the energetic and the enthusiastic young group of people or mavericks who no matter what their age was or the lack of knowledge or experience at the time, didn’t stopped them to achieve what they had in their minds.

What looks impossible for the majority of the people sometimes looks possible for the ordinary and the hungry young men and women as I will demonstrate below. Here is what I found:

  • At 21, Ryan Blair established his first company, 24-7 Tech. He went from a gang member to a multimillionaire entrepreneur.  Ryan’s new book is “Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain”.
  • At 13, Jordan Romero became the youngest person who ever climbed the highest peak on earth Mount Everest. Jordan’s book, “The Boy Who Conquered Everest”.
  • At 17, Kent Healy started writing his first book, “Cool Stuff” They Should Teach In School and later on teamed up with Jack Canfield  the creator of the phenomenon series “Chicken Soup For The Soul” to create “The Success Principles For Teens”  book.
  • At 23, Steve Jobs made his first million. Founder of Apple computers, one of the most successful techs companies in history.
  • At 15 Liz Murray was homeless, graduated from high school while living on the streets and overcame incredible odds to win a full scholarship to Harvard University. She is now a Harvard graduate, a New York Times Bestselling author of “Breaking Night”, and founder and director of Manifest Living, a New York based company whose mission it is to empower adults to create the extraordinary in their own lives.
  • At 14, Farrah Gray was raised in the impoverished South side of Chicago and defied the odds and became a self-made millionaire. Dr. Gray began his entrepreneurial, personal and civic development as a stellar young citizen at six years old selling home-made body lotion and his own hand-painted rocks as book-ends door-to-door. Check out Gray’s book Reallionaire.
  • At 17, Kent Healy started writing his first book, “Cool Stuff” They Should Teach In School and later on teamed up with Jack Canfield  the creator of the phenomenon series “Chicken Soup For The Soul” to create “The Success Principles For Teens”  book.
  • At 9, Cameron Johnson started his first business and before graduating high school, he was recognized as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the world.
  • At 15, he became the youngest American appointed to the board of a Tokyo-based company. Cameron’s new book, “You Call The Shots
  • At 15, Michael Phelps  became the youngest American male swimmer at an Olympic Games in 68 years. At 23, Phelps set the new world record of winning 8 gold medals at the summer Olympic Games of 2008, breaking Mark Spitz record of seven gold medals won in a single Olympic Games, which had stood since 197.
  • At 12, Kid Climber Matt Moniz climbed this summer to the highest point in all 50 United States in just 43 day.
  • At 14, Nadia Comaneci startled the world with seven 10’s and three gold medals in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. She is one of the best-known gymnasts in the world. First gymnast in history to know what it’s like to be perfect- setting also the world record for the first award of a score of perfect 10 at an Olympics Games gymnastic event.
  • At 8, Rachel Beckwith set a goal to raise $300 dollars by her 9th birthday in June 12, 2011 in order to fund freshwater projects in developing nations. Rachel’s tender appeal ended up collecting only $220 by the day she turned 9. After a few weeks later she died in a car accident. Currently, Rachel’s 9th Birthday Wish has surpassed the $1 Million dollar mark.
  • At 25, Aaron Patzer started mint in his Silicon Valley apartment (2005) and three years later sold the company to Intuit fo $170 million.

What are you going to do now? Do you still have any doubt about your age stopping you from achieving what you want? I hope you use these examples of people to encourage, empower and inspire you to break through the wall of age as a limiting belief to achieve anything you want in life.

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  1. Two great articles my friend! Congrats! You are doing an excellent job! Please keep writing and inspiring

    • Thanks…The great Alvyn engaging in the blog!!! Thanks for swinging by my friend. What did you like the most?

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