Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | August 23, 2011

Grandpa’s 9 Pearls Of Wisdom

Photo: My grandpa & I at his house.

I know that not only for me, but many of you have encountered a person through your  life, like a mentor or a teacher, that taught wonderful lessons to be applied in life.

If there is a person who has shaped my life in a great and positive way is my 78 year old grandfather. A farmer for almost all his life, a foster child, a father of four children and worked through many jobs earning from 25 cents to a dollar an hour during his early years of labor and who managed to raised a great family with a second grade of schooling, and who found a way to make it happen to the pinnacle of life and as a result built a great family and gave the best he can to them and to his grandsons with phenomenal values.

He has been a resource of wisdom, knowledge and direction through my whole life. For that reason I decided to share with you some of the lessons he taught me with you and I hope that you install them into your daily life so you can live a very fulfilling life like the one he is living. Here are the 9 pearls of wisdom that until this day he keeps remembering me every time I have a chance to have a conversation.

Here are the 9 pearls of wisdom…

  1. Be Respectful. To whom? To your parents, siblings, boss, co-worker and to every single person you come across in your daily basis.
  2. Dress Sharp… Always remember to dress appropriate and to look the part with the best you have. Impressions are everything and you only have one opportunity.
  3. Be Responsible. In your work, with your family and to your actions.
  4. Be a Man of Your Word… If you make a commitment with someone, make sure to keep your word. Your word is the best asset you have.
  5. Save Money. Make sure to put aside a portion of what you earn in order to be ready when the skinny cows come.
  6. Be Generous. Share what you have. Your food, house, time, knowledge, experience and wisdom. Be a giver!!!
  7. Work Hard… At everything you do.
  8. Be on Time… Be always 15 to 30 min early in case something happens. Is better to be early than to be late and sorry.
  9. Do the Best You Can. This is how you are going to get promoted to the next level.

These are powerful and simple pearls of wisdom that we can apply and use in our daily lives. I remembered a time when he was explaining me how to plow the land in the farm and he kept saying to me, “Do the best you can” while he was leading the bulls in the terrain. He was my first employer. I learned all those great lessons, plus how to plant, clean and reap vegetables like: plantains and yams and how to plow the land and many other things in the world of agriculture.

I am glad to say that these principles can help anyone become a better person and guide us as a lighthouse in the journey of life.

What to do now:

  • Pick one or two pearls that you would like to put in practice in your own life and make sure to comment below what are those pearls.

If you found value in this reading make sure to spread the good word with your friends.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

You are a Champion 🙂

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PS: This post was posted a day later after a storm hit the Island. Normally I publish my posts on Mondays.



  1. About pearl #8: Be on time. In Puerto Rico’s culture: time is disrespected. Many other cultures believe that time is money, and they live in the fast track. I think we should achieve a balance in this matter, and practice your advice on arriving 15-20 minutes early so the meeting or activity can BE ON TIME, as scheduled. This is part of other pearls (like #1: be respectful -to everyone’s time, #3: be responsible, & #4: be a Man/Woman of your word) that can help us do the best we can (#9) for ourselves and the people around us.

    • I totally agree with you. Every single pearl can be related or affected in a positive or negative way if we don’t live accordenly to these values. Lets be a selected group who will show the people around us how to really live at the highest level like grandpa still doing at this moment. Te felicito por ser la primera en comentar!!!

  2. I love this message! It touches a special place in my heart because I too was fortunate to learn valuable principles of life from my grandparents. I only hope that people take the time to really listen to what our parents, and grandparents have to say. The pearls of wisdom are your legacy and I think it’s a special gift that now you have to pay forward. Thank you so much for sharing with us this valuable and powerful message! Your grandfathers core philosophy is forever true…Anastacio you are a blessed individual.

    • First of all I am very happy to see you around for the first time in engaging in this blog. You are the best!!! I would like you to meet my grandpa when you come to visit.

      You are welcome… I am very fortunate to have you in my life my friend. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. He is my grandpa too.. One of the most important man in my life. Is an excellente article… do your best always you can… 😉

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