Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | August 29, 2011

8 Major Benefits of Exercising

I noticed in my personal life that every time I’m doing some kind of exercises like running, playing basketball, hiking, practicing Yoga or simply following a great program like P90X, my physical health thermostat kick into high gear and I feel in my optimum balance in this area of my life. Do you feel that way too?

Exercising and eating properly can help us in a variety of different ways. If you are like me that would like to live a 100+ years in this life, it is key to develop the habit of eating well and exercising. Feel free to do any kind of exercise you like and enjoy doing.

One of the books that cover the importance of doing exercise is The Power Of Focus by Jack Canfield. These 8 benefits I’m going to show you are from this great book. Lets get started… Here they are:

  1. Exercising improves your sleeping habits.
  2. Exercising increases your energy levels.
  3. Exercising relieves stress and anxiety.
  4. Exercising protects you against injury.
  5. Exercising promotes a healthy posture.
  6. Exercising relieves digestive disorders.
  7. Exercising enhances your self-image.
  8. Exercising expands your longevity.

The key question is… Do you want to be rich in health? “Yes” or “No”. If your answer is YESSS!!! Lets make a commitment today of starting doing something that propel us to this habit. Could be… Doing 5 push up a day, walking for 10 minutes for 4 days a week or doing 15 jumping jacks a day, etc. The point here is to start shaking our body and start sweating.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”. Mahatma Gandhi (Indian Philosopher, internationally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948)

What to do now… Post in the comments area your exercise healthy habit for the month of September.

My exercise healthy habit for the month of September is “to run 20 min five days a week”. What’s yours?

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