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How To Drop A Bad Habit Out Of Your Life

Photo: Good and bad habit sign post.

First of all… What is a habit? Accordingly to the dictionary Merriam Webster a habit is a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition.

Human beings are creatures of habit/routines. Most of the time we use the same clothes, go to the same restaurants, hang out with the same group of people, eat the same food or park the car in the same spot we find every time we go to the shopping mall. Is this sound familiar to you? If so… Let me tell you that I’m one of those people that when I go to the shopping mall I usually park in the same parking spot.

If you want to take the choice or the alternative of improving your life and reach new levels of success, you are going to need to step up and drop some of your bad habits out of your life. Yes, you hear me right… Some bad habits. We all have more than one in one degree or another and these badly habits are causing us pain or insatisfaction consciously or unconsciously in our life.

“Negative habits breed negative consequences. Successful habits create positive rewards.”

Is very important to become aware of what are some of the bad habits that are not letting us to become more productive and efficient in our house, work and toward the dreams and goals we all have.

Here are some bad habits that we all can relate to them in one way or another (not returning phone calls, eating fast food everyday, spending more than you earn, not being polite to other people, smoking, not spending enough time with your family, taking work home with you, procrastinating, working late, forgetting someone’s name within seconds of being introduced, etc.)

Do you have one of these one? I have the bad habit of “procrastinating”. I’m working right now with this bad boy. Go ahead and choose the habit that you want to get rid off. Yess!!! Right now… I got a solution for you. I can’t wait to show you how.

Before you change any habit, you must recognize and accept that you have one.  It is critical to identify what is holding us of achieving greatness. Remember that a habit is also something we do and something we don’t do.

W.L Bateman said, If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

From this point on get ready to set and embrace new goods and healthy habits as a positive action that will propel you to more freedom, time and peace of mind. Do you want to get new and better results in your life? It’s all about deciding and taking action.

Let replace them with (waking up early, meditating, exercising, reading for an hour a day, being on time, checking email once a day, making new friends, saving money, listening motivational and educational audiotapes, appreciating more, etc.)

These new habits sound good to you? Lets get ready to work now…

Here is the big question… How to drop a bad habit out of your life?

This is how…  Follow the 3 Step Plan that I will show you below.

First Step: Identify your bad habit and list the consequences

Example:                         Consequences:

Smoking                           Die early, breathing problems, fatigue, bad breath, etc.

Second Step: Define your new habit and list the benefits

Example:                        Benefits:

Stop Smoking                   Live longer, better and good smelly breath, save money, etc.

Third Step: List 3 specific action to develop the new habit and pick a start day

1. Join an association of nonsmokers

2. Start hanging out with healthy people

3. Instead of reaching for a cigarette reach for a hug

Start Day:  Monday, May 1.

Your habits will determine your future. When you drop a bad habit out of your life, make sure to keep your mind on what you get in return. That way you are putting your attention and energy in a new thought frequency toward the realization of something worthwhile of achieving. Also, share with your best friend, spouse or master mind group what you are committed to do, so he/she or them can hold you accountable for your word and actions.

Remember, “Nothing will change until you do”.


1. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

2. The Power Of Focus by Jack Canfield

3. Ultimate Secrets Of Total Self-Confidence by Dr Robert Anthony

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  1. This is great Taso! The clear examples and action oriented instructions were so inspiring I pulled out a pen and paper and immediately jotted down a bad habit I want to break amd 3 new (simple) habits to positively change my path and turn an N to a P!

    • Joe, I’m very happy that you did the exercise… Great for you for dropping a bad habit out of your life. Which bad habit did you jotted down and what are the 3 new simple ones?

      Let me know about your progress. You are the best!!!

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