Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | October 21, 2011

Inspirational Video Of The Week #8: “You are a Champion”

Have you noticed in my articles that I always ended up with my famous phrase “You are a CHAMPION”?

Let me tell you why!!! The reason is simple… I went to a seminar in 2006 on the topic of goal setting and personal development and I became a friend with the speaker of that seminar, Noel Alicea.

Since then we have cultivated a relationship of student and teacher/mentor type of thing and every time I talk to him he calls me a Champion. He says “Hola Campeon” in Spanish. I hear the word a few times before I finish any conversation with him.

I think it made a huge impact on myself by constantly repeating the word “CHAMPION”. That’s the story behind why I always end up my articles with the phrase “You are a CHAMPION”. And I truly believe you are one too :-). My intention is to purposely plant that seed in you as well.

This week inspirational video features nothing less and nothing more than the exact same phrase I use to finish my articles.

You better be ready for the ecstasy’s of motivation and inspiration in this speech.

After watching this inspirational video you are going to reaffirm the CHAMPION in YOU!!!

Are you fired UP? I am. This is the best of the best!!! This is motivation on steroids. I feel like I can fly, run faster than a cheetah or maybe do a backflip. Hehe

How many times did you get goose bumps? I had goose bumps 3 times during the course of the video.

The energy, passion and stamina of the guy giving the speech, is out of this world. He is at the highest of what a human being could perform at its maximum potential.

I hope you loved this video as much as I did!!!

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I want to remind you one more thing before you leave… “You are unique, special, talented, extraordinary and a real CHAMPION.”

Thanks for stopping by!!!

You are a Champion :-).

PS: This video presented a nice compilation of images of great champions. Click here if you want to watch the original video of the guy giving the speech “I am a Champion”.

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  1. What a great video. I goose bumps like 5 times. Thats Les Brown right ?
    His the best. I am a CHAMPION. YESS

  2. Nop!!! You are a Champion :-). I will share a Les Brown video very soon. Thanks for swinging by & commenting.

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