Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | November 11, 2011

Inspirational Video Of The Week #11: “Do Not Quit”

Do you feel like quitting? Wait, wait, wait… I have something special for you.

Today’s inspirational video of the week features a football coach teaching a valuable lesson about the limits we place on ourselves. We seem to think we are not strong enough sometimes or that it is impossible. This video is going knock your socks off!!! Guarantee…

Let me tell you something before you start watching it. This is one of the few videos I tear down. Well, I have to admit it. It’s absolutely powerful. You will see!!!

Ready? Go, go, go…

I told you… It was going to be emotional. I hope you liked it :-).

The coach showed us a vibrant and radiant energy and a strong believe in the player. Next time you feel with your arms down or not in your peak state or what I call “In My Playing Zone”, I encourage you to watch this video and fuel up. I never get tire of seen it.

I think you will agree with me in one thing here. What is it Anastacio? I will share my honest conclusion!!! Here it is…

We all have an enormous potential ready to be unleash it and take over any challenge we face in our personal or professional life, just if we decide to believe in ourselves.

Also, I want you to take away from today’s message a few different tips with you so you can add them to your tool kit of life. Here they are:

Photo: "Do Not Quit" Roadmap Message

“Never quit or assume defeat before you ever try something. Be a leader. Step Up!!! Have a positive attitude. Give your best all the time. And recognize that you born with an unbealiable power, strength, determination, and potential.”

Times are going to be rough and uncomfortable. But remember two things “Do Not Quit” and “Give Your Best To Anything You Do.” You don’t have to go the extra mile…. You just have to go one step further and one inch fartherResults!!! You will be closer to your dreams… And that’s what we all want at the end. Right?

Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit.”

Don’t’ leave before you share your thoughts about today’s message and my humble conclusion? To do this, go to the comments section below.

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PS: This clip is from the great movie Facing The Giants, which I highly recommend you to watch it. It’s one of my masterpieces that belong in my inspirational DVD’s collection.



  1. Great post Taso!

    Love the video – WOW powerful what we can accomplish when we remove the (self-made) barriers.

    Your writing & blog is getting better and more enjoyable to read EVERY single week!

    The sky’s the limit if you!

    Stay inspired – and thanks for sharing a small piece of it with us!

    Happy 11-11-11 – high five!


  2. Gracias :-). It’s great to see you around mi amigo. Thanks for stopping by & for taking the time to fuel your spirit with motivation & inspiration.

    Your support in this journey has been amazing!!!

    Lets keep inspiring every person around us :-).

    We are Champions!

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