Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | November 21, 2011

Thank-You Notes: The “Glue” Factor For Building Solid & Meaningful Relationships

Photo: Post It “Thank You”

The first time I heard about thank-you notes was from my really good friend Joe Sweeney in late 2009. I found interesting the idea of expressing my gratitude by a personal hand written note. Also, I found it practical in order to build a solid and a meaningful relationship with someone.

In my opinion the two most powerful words on the dictionary are “Thank You”. It’s amazing how much impact this phrase could potentially make in people’s lives.

I think the thank-you notes are the difference maker to build a network of caring and supportive people. This is a great way to give someone a token of your deep appreciation for something that has done for “YOU”.

One of the greatest benefits from sending a thank you note is that people can feel it, touch it and sense it!!! And that’s the magic behind it.

The other great benefit is that you are programming yourself to focus your attention in what’s good and great. By doing this, we will always get more of what we focus on. It’s is a completely new perspective of seeing life.

Since my friend Joe shared with me this powerful and useful tip I’ve sent over 125 thank-you notes in a two years period to every single opportunity I come across.

Here below I show you 25 reasons I’ve used to write thank-you notes in the past:

  • To an author of a book
  • To someone who gave me a gift (books, clothes, etc.)
  • To a speaker after delivering a seminar/workshop
  • To someone who reviewed my business plan
  • To someone who provided me resources
  • To someone who provided me advise
  • To someone who let me carpool in his/her car

    Photo: Thank You Expression

  • To someone who invited me to his/her birthday party and wedding
  • To someone who did business with me
  • To someone who invited me to their house and made me a delicious meal
  • To someone who let me slept in their house overnight
  • To the post officer for helping me
  • To someone who commented on my blog
  • To someone who made me an introduction
  • To someone who made me an interview appointment
  • To a real friend for his/her frienship
  • To someone who supportive me during tough times
  • To someone who provided me business referrals
  • To someone who paid for my lunch/dinner
  • To someone who stayed with my pet while I was traveling
  • To someone who offered me a compliment
  • To someone who lend me money
  • To someone who picked me up in the airport
  • To someone who helped me move my furniture from one house to another
  • To someone who let me use his/her car

This list will give you an idea to possible situations where you can use the thank-note method to express your gratitude.

Most people still prefer the automatic method where you paid for a monthly fee in a company that provided this kind of service. One company I know that provide this service is Send Out Cards . They are many of them. You set up the thank-you notes you want to send out and they send it for you.

I don’t know about you but I rather invest the time of doing it myself. At the end of the day you will feel the transformational experience in you. It’s is a great process. Today I still use the old method that my friend showed me two years ago.

The only thing you need is a pen and a paper… That’s it!!! Then, pour your heart and soul in it. Express your deep, caring and unique appreciation for whatever the reason you are writing it and go with the flow.

Handwriting has the personal touch to create happy 🙂 faces and “WOW” expressions. Before I finish I want to share with you a story I read a few months ago.

In January 2011 of this year I read an article in the Success Magazine, the greatest personal development magazine ever created about Ivanka Trump. If you don’t know who is she. You probably know or you’ve heard about his dad, the real estate mogul Donald Trump.

What I found unique about Ivanka Trump is that she sends handwritten thank-you notes to those she finds interesting or noteworthy. By doing this she got invited by the richest man in Mexico, Carlos Slim to meet at his hotel to talk about real estate, business and media.

What a perfect story to go with this topic… Don’t get surprised by the power of these notes!!! Because, “Anything Can Happens.”

What I want you to takeaway from this post is that the use of thank-you notes is a great way to strengthen your old relationships and a magnificent way to cultivate your new ones.

Keep in mind this thought,

 The most important thing when you write your thank-you note is not how long it is but how genuine and authentic you are.”

What inspired you the most today? Share you thoughts in the comments section below.

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Thanks for stopping by and have a happy and joyful day of “Thanks Giving“.

You are a Champion :-).

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  1. […] Thank you cards [the eagle habits of Taso Martinez] […]

  2. Incredible article about a very powerful success habit! Happy to hear you have had such a good time with it! YES!

    • Thanks for introducing me to this concept & powerful relationship habit :-).

      I’m having fun doint it & so far I love the fact that’s helping me get more focus in the good things, rather than the bad ones.

      All I have to say is MUCHAS GRACIAS mi amigo!!!



  3. Taso – you are spot on with the thank you notes. Sometimes when I’m at a loss for words, I just write “THANK YOU!” in big block letters across the entire card and sometimes even color it in with markers. Or I’ll draw a little picture. It’s a little 3rd-grade-ish, but it still gets the point across. Plus it’s memorable!

  4. Hey Zach, thanks for your compliment and for sharing the passion toward the thank-you notes habit.

    I too get loss sometimes for the lack of words or creativity!!! Most of the time I use two pen of different colors to make it more vivid. One of the things I do in every note is to draw a happy 🙂 face. That’s kind of the signature I’ve developed since I started.

    Like you said… Being memorable is key. It’s a plus.

    Thanks for commenting and keep creating happy faces in people’s life!!!

    You are a Champion :-).

  5. Taso, Really enjoyed your Blog on the power of Thank-you notes. I used to do this more and got away from it. Thanks for the reminder. Great post.

  6. Hi Sam, I’m glad you liked and that you realized that this is an important habit to keep practicing as one of the key elements of your success toolkit.

    Get back into the action!!! It’s a wonderful act of appreciation.

    Thanks for stopping by my friend :-).

  7. I will right away grab your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or e-newsletter
    service. Do you’ve any? Kindly let me recognise in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Go to the top right of this page and you will see the subscribe to blog option. I really appreciate your interest.

  8. The information is quite appealing.

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