Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | December 9, 2011

Inspirational Video Of The Week #15: “Go The Extra Inch”

Photo: Just One INCH

Have you heard the saying or phrase, go the extra mile? If so, forget about it for a second and get rid of itToday we are striving to go the extra inch.

If you feel down, tire or hopeless… All you have to do is WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! You will feel better and more energize after watching it. Believe me.

It’s powerful… You will feel the passion of the message going from your computer screen to your body, mind and soul. Ultimately, it’s going to wake you UP if you are sleepy and it will give you a kick in your butt to pursue anything you want.

This video gives me chills every time I see it… Take a look at it!!!

9,279,432 views – 4:41

Isn’t amazing? What a brilliant and wonderful work by Al Pacino.

Before you leave, honestly I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that you can climb out of your worst scenario or biggest adversity. Everyone of us have a fighter who’s willing to fight for that inch we all need to accomplish the things we want. We just have to tap into it.

You have greatness within “YOU” mi amigo or amiga :-).

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Thanks for stopping by and be a more courageous person this week!!!

You are a Champion :-).

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PS: This is a clip from the movie “Any Given Sunday”.



  1. YES! THANK YOU! This is a GREAT one! Love the video and LOVE the idea of going the extra inch instead of going the extra mile. Every little bit definitely counts!

    Keep the content coming! You find great videos that are definitely day makers!

  2. You are welcome :-). I’m glad you liked. Sometimes we get caught up on looking way far the 100 yards instead of focusing in the next inch.

    Thanks for sharing your appreciation for these inspirational videos. They are making my day too.

    Until next time, “Keep moving, keep hustling, keep DREAMING and keep fighting for your inch”.

    You are a Champion :-).

    PS: If you find a video that belongs to this blog or is suitable, please let me know.

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