Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | December 26, 2011

My 2011-Year In Review

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Have you written your 2011-year in review?

Taking the time to reflect, think and analyze these last twelve months of 2011 will help you get a better start in 2012. How come? Very simple my friend… Focusing especially in the things you achieve this year will put you in a frequency of gratefulness and by doing so you will feel more relax, powerful and positive toward a new start and a new year.


“What you focus on you bring on.”

What I would love to do is to share with you my review in order to inspire you to do the same and finish this year strong :-).

Here is my 2011-year in review…

Let me start with one of my big successes of the year. I decided to open this blog to express and share my knowledge and life experiences with people. As a result of that I discovered my life purpose. Which is to inspire and empower people to achieve their wildest dreams and to help them live life to the fullest potential based in joy, happiness and excitement. Go here if you haven’t found your purpose yet.

I opened this blog in April and wrote two articles and after that I took a mini vacation of three months. HEHE :-).  I thought I was a superstar blogger. This is what really happened… I wasn’t clear about my intention and that’s the reason why I open it. Then my dear good friend from Madison, Wisconsin Joe Sweeney came to visit my beautiful and enchanted island of Puerto Rico and challenged me to write a weekly article, and until today I have kept my word to him and most importantly to myself. This is one of my biggest lessons of this year!!! Having an accountability partner that keep us accountable for our promises could help us live life to the maximum potential and achieve more.

This is what happens when we are accountable… Right now I’m on track to write 43 articles this year. That’s almost one per week. I have over 125 comments and I’m averaging a 1,000 plus per month views in the last six months. I’m really impressed with what I’ve accomplished so far. And I know you are experiencing the benefits and the rewards of reading my blog.

My commitment to you is to keep delivering high quality value and transformational content to help you achieve your dreams and goals. And here is another big lesson I learned from this year: I can accomplish anything I want if I focus in bringing value to the marketplace and I help the most people I can. This is a huge one!!!

From running this blog I learned that I have to be authentic, consistent with my message, engage with people and be passionate about my topic if I want to create something solid and successful. Which is my goal!!!

I learned that Google is the best resource if you have a question and don’t know the answer. You just Google it… It’s a brilliant tool.

Another milestone I achieved was that I mastered writing in English. As you know my first language is Spanish. I feel really proud of myself now that I’m fully bilingual in two languages. Which means writing, speaking and reading. It’s so empowering and it gives me so much confidence :-). Want to know how I learned English in 8 months? Click here.

This year I made a huge move on the technological aspect. You know what I did… I switched from Microsoft Windows to Apple’s Mac. And let me tell you something… It has been an easygoing transition. I’m in love with the mac system. It’s simpler, more effective, faster and a better way to work. I have the iMac 23 inches with the Magic Trackpad Mouse.  This mouse makes your life ten times easier than the regular one. By making this transition I got to know more about the genius mind behind this marvelous product.

Steve Jobs was a man of imagination, creativity and vision. I learned from this man that these three ingredients are key to have a successful recipe in life and in business. And here I come with another lesson. Growth is a choice but change is inevitable. I was afraid of the unknown when I started using my mac computer. But to really succeed in the 21st century we must adopt, learn and keep up with the fast changes that are happening continuously in this era.

I also went on a Caribbean Cruise over St. Thomas, Antigua, Barbados, St. John and St. Lucia. During that trip I celebrated my 29th birthday, went to my favorite beach in Virgin Gorda called the Baths, got a volcanic mud bath and ate like a king for one week.

One of my favorites trips of this year was the Puerto Rico trip. My friend Joe Sweeney came to visit me in late July and we had a blast with my wife Lydiana, my good friend Abner, my sister Lizi and other great friends who joined us. These are some of the things I did… I went to the rain forest El Yunque for the first time in my life after many years and I did an eight-mile hike in the jungle.

Took a ten-minute flight from Puerto Rico to Culebra’s island and watch the sunrise from Flamenco’s beach while brainstorming ideas with mi amigo Joe. Went to mar Chiquita in Manati, cueva la ventana in Arecibo and drank a piña colada in Old San Juan, where it was founded. The biggest lesson from my Puerto Rico trip was that there is so much to explore, see and learn from our own backyard. Often times we take for granted where we are born and the culture behind it.

I visited my parents in law with my wife in their villa and went to the Lakeridge’s Vineyard in Florida. Also, I went to Island of Adventure’s park and my favorite attraction there was Harry Potter.

In October I went to my first wedding in California and spent time with friends I haven’t seen for a while.

From the California and Florida trip I learned the importance of the mobility and the flexibility of having a computer and Internet connection. During these trips I wrote three articles. That opened up a whole new world of possibilities and questions started to show up in my mind like, what if I could own an online business and travel around the world? What if I could develop or create a product where people buy it from my Internet site? What if I can get paid, by writing while traveling? I think you got my idea!!! Right?

What I learned from taking these four vacations trips was that after you take them you feel with more energy and with a strong desire to work. Here is my takeaway… Enjoy life more :-). I also learned that I must be flexible with plans. What I mean by this is that some times the plans took an unexpected direction, and when it happened, I started to beat myself up. My new philosophy is to be more flexible and go with the flow!! Keeping an adventurous mentality :-).

I developed two new powerful habits in a 90-day period. I wrote one article per week during August to October and I kept a success log from September to December. The lesson learned was… It takes a 90-day period to develop a new habit. Yes!!

I created a new vision board with Lydiana about the places we want to visit and things we want to do.

I ran my first 5k run and learned that until I don’t set up a goal and make a real commitment to follow it, I won’t do it or pursue it. That’s the secret behind goal setting!!!

I discovered that I like to take panoramic pictures and that I want my dream house filled up with beautiful and uplifting pics from planet earth. Especially from the photographer Peter Lik.

I flew in an ultralight airplane over the East Coast of Puerto Rico and it felt great to cross things off my bucket list. I also flew alone in an airplane for the first time of my life from Puerto Rico to California. Would you like to create a bucket list? Click here.

I opened accounts in Twitter, WordPress, YouTube,, LinkedIn and modified Facebook. With Twitter I learned that every person is just one tweet away from you and one degree of separation. You could reach anybody, anywhere and anytime you want. It’s like text messaging but with people from all around the world. The best thing is that you don’t have to know the person to engage in a conversation with him/her. With WordPress I learned to get my message of inspiration to the masses and to the world. It’s the easiest platform to create a blog, very reliable and easy to manage and to customize it your own way. With YouTube I learned that over 100 millions of videos are watched everyday and that is one of the most powerful tools to market anything you want. With I learned to schedule a meeting with any person in the world who uses the same calendar system. A few days back I booked a meeting with someone in New Zealand. With LinkedIn I learned that having a professional profile in these times is vital to our professional career and to network with other individuals of same interest. And with Facebook I learned that we could keep in contact with old friends and new friends in case we lose our cell phone or list of contacts.

What I found very unique is that all these social media platforms help us connect and interact with people in a more effective way. So for me it has been great!!! Making and building new relationships with these tools is an easy basket in these days :-).

It’s kind of crazy to think that I was having conversations with people in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Cyprus, Argentina, Canada, New York, California and other places around the world from my own house. We are all connected globally!!!

I participated in a workshop about how to use the WordPress to run effectively my blog and learned that I could expedite my learning process by associating with people who has done what I’m trying to do or to accomplish.

I got a scholarship from 21st Century Education. It’s an education of personal empowerment and financial education. I learned that there are opportunities waiting for us but we have to seize them and go for them!!!

I made 33 new friends. Here they are: Roberto Segui, Kamil Armaiz, Natalia Armaiz, Carlos Rivera, Lucianne, Fernado Rodriguez, Carlos Monteagudo, Erika Solorzano, Jennifer Isaac, Allen Van Dalen, Pablo Quiles, Shaira Ortiz, Alex Rios, Jesus, Katy Arroyo, Pedro Fernandez, Orlando Montanez, Ernesto Gonzalez, Carlos Diaz, Paul Gonzalez, Anthony Lopez, Yasar Rodriguez, Dustin Maher, Zach Negin, Sor Carmen, Marcos Santana, Kent Healy, Darian Pearlmutter, Gabi Morales, Cristina Lo Presti Arana, Leila Reyes Maisonete, Miosotis Diaz and Josue Flores.

This year I sent over 40 thank-you notes to friends and family and got inspired to create a special project about this topic that I will reveal very soon. I learned from writing hundreds of thank-you notes in the last few years that is not how long or short it is but how authentic and genuine you are.

I learned how to play the game of May I and scrabble. These are great games to play with family. From scrabble I learned that I have to pick up the dictionary and learn more words. It’s incredible how many words are in the English and Spanish languages.

I did a meditation with over 300 people at the Old San Juan Fort “El Morro” in November 11th of 2011. It was a full moon night, very peaceful and a priceless moment to connect with the infinite source of the universe. I learned that there is a great power when more than one person is united toward a common intention.

I asked a few times for discounts at different stores and restaurants and got a few yeses. This made me feel pretty good 🙂. I learned that you don’t lose anything by asking!!! You will always have a potential upside and if your request is rejected you will end up in the same place.

I sold my first Internet product. My product is to send a beautiful postcard from the beautiful and enchanted island of Puerto Rico. I learned that it is possible to make money while sleeping. The platform I used to create and promote this product was Fiverr.

I subscribed to different discount companies like Groupon, Sale and Yupiti. I learned that I could save tremendous money if I use the coupons and offers that these companies promote.

I read a lot this year. But mostly online!!! Here are my favorites books of this year… “Never eat Alone”, “What I didn’t Learn At school But I Wish I Had”, “ The Science of Getting Rich”, “The Science of Being Well”, “The Science of Being Great”, “Time Rich”, “The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence” and “Crush It”. I can’t forget Success my favorite personal development magazine.

I read countless blog posts from Darren Hardy, Kent Healy, Joe Sweeney (Networking), Alex Mandossian, Joe Sweeney (Motivation), National Geographic, Richard Branson, Jamie McIntyre, Robert Kiyosaki, Nik Halik, Jim Kwik, Tim Ferriss, Randy Gage, Jack Canfield, Keith Ferrazzi, Natalie Sisson, Entrepreneur, Success Magazine, Brad Sugars, Mari Smith, Greg Habstritt, Jeff Walker, Yanik Silver and Matt Morris.

Another transition I made was to read from a real book to a digital book. My wife gave me as a gift the Amazon Kindle. And it’s amazing how fast I can download a book and how much money I’m saving from buying it this way. Plus I’m saving this world by conservating the trees and the forests of future generations to come. I learned that I would rather have 10 to 20 digital books instead of carrying all in my luggage every time I travel. This provides me options!!!

I served this year as an advisory member for a non-profit organization called “Casa De Todos” and volunteered a few times to work in their facility. I learned that is important to give back to the community and it feels great when I’m making an impact in people’s life.

I learned how to prepare a dip of hummus from scratch.

I had a dislocated hip that kept me barely walking for a few days, an intensive lower back pain, chronic allergies and a ten day period with a massive headaches that kept me afraid of going to sleep every night and had me crying between the hours of 1am to 6am due to the enormous pain. What I learned is that life is made up of valleys and peaks and sometimes I will go through the valleys and I have to keep my chin high and maintain my hope and faith to keep walking even if the situation is not the best. The big take away from this experience was if something doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.

I learned two big lessons recently… The first one is that if I am passionate enough about a topic I could really monetize it, and the second one is that I don’t need to know everything to get my feet wet to play the game of life. I can learn things as I go through the process!!!

From this point on I will share with you very spontaneously everything in a nutshell

I learned that things are easier than you think in the Internet. Also, that you have to start building your brand and that is an asset that no one could take it from you. Simply, because that is what people buys. They don’t buy a product… You are the product. People want to see genuine, transparent and authentic persons.

Find whatever you love and start sharing it with the world. One of the best ways is the Internet. Pick a medium, it could be written, audio or video. Whatever you feel more comfortable at the beginning.

I learned that you have to surround yourself with people who push you to achieve greatness in life. Also, that you don’t have to know everything. I learned from watching the life class program by Oprah that when you know better you do better. If you don’t know something Google it. If you don’t find an answer. Ask people. Never be afraid to look for answers. Jim Rohn said it best, “finding is reserve for the searchers and the reason they find is because they search.”

I learned that you don’t have to mind other people’s business. That will take you out of your path toward your goals. Don’t compete… Create. Develop a sharing mentality. That’s the biggest take away I got from Earl Nightingale the author of the personal development audio classic “The Strangest Secret” after listening his masterpiece over 8 times this year. Download the audio here.

I hosted a few dinner parties at my house and learned that you could really get to know people better in the dinning table.

I learned from being part of a mastermind group that everyone has their own unique challenges and if we unite, collaborate and share resources and ideas openly we could only expect the best to happen.

I recognized that songs like Clocks by Coldplay, Beautiful People by Chris Brown and Rise Up by Yves LaRock transports me into a peak state. This is how I get fired up. Find what turns you on!!!

I learned about negotiation, persuasion, business, entrepreneurship and how to analyze business deals from watching the hit TV show from ABC the shark tank.

Probably you have been reading my recent posts and found quite of a unique resources to help you achieve your dreams. And let me tell you something, honestly, this process of writing in this blog has helped me in the process of getting to know who I am and where I really want to go in life. Expressing openly who I am, my beliefs, ideas, mistakes, stories and knowledge has been extremely beneficial and transformational. This platform has been a safe space. And I’m happy if you’ve found things that deep inside you has been helpful and inspirational.

Most of the things I’ve been through this year, good or bad, I couldn’t doing it alone. I deeply appreciate the support and the unconditional love from my wife Lydiana. She has been my greatest motivator and wingman!!! And for that I thank her.

Well I hope you got inspire after reading my 2011 summary note and I highly encourage you this week to make room to sit down with a pen and paper and start writing down your lessons, experiences, achievements and the things that brought you joy this year.

Like this stuff? Share it on Facebook, tweet this to your bird’s followers and link this to your professional network in LinkedIn. I know they will appreciate you :-).

Thanks for stopping by and until next Monday, keep living a happy, joyful and exciting life!!!

You are a Champion :-).

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  1. Taso! GREAT POST!

    Congrats on ALL of your achievements! You have had QUITE the year! Cant wait to see what 2012 brings you!

    Rise Up is one of my Pump up songs too!!

    One huge thing I’ve been living by this year too is that if you get rejected the worst that can happen is exactly where you were. So far this mentality has not let me down ONCE! NOT A SINGLE TIME!

    I could go on and on about the things i agree with but lets just leave it at you did a GREAT job! Thank you for providing source material of things you mention! That is so helpful!

    Lastly Thank you for mentioning me as one of the friends you made this year! I’m honored to have connected and am so glad we have. Hopefully a meet and greet will happen in 2012?! haha

    Have a happy, safe, healthy, and successful 2012!


  2. Thank you again for your engagement & for being actively involve in my blog. I really appreciate your support, participation and everything you have done to promote this site.

    I hope we get a chance to meet & go for a run in the near future!!! HEHE 😀

    Make sure to download “The Strangest Secret” & I wish you nothing but the best & a Happy New Years!!!

    Keep living a happy, joyful & exciting life in 2012.

    You are the real deal :-).

    PS: I know you are going to do a wonderful job on your blog & also crush the marathon in 2012. So congratulations in advance!! Lets start living life as if, what we want it’s already achieved.

  3. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the page layout of your blog?

    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content
    so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful
    lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images. Maybe you could space
    it out better?

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