Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | January 2, 2012

Are You Tracking Your Successes?

Photo: Staircase to Success

Are you looking to start 2012 with the right foot and crush it? If so…

I can definitely help you with that goal… Let’s set up the right pace and make this year an epic and successful journey from the start to the end. Let’s hit the ground enthusiastically motivated :-).

The way we are going to do so is by creating a “Success Log”. Does this strategy sound familiar to you? Well… The first time I heard about this success technique was in late 2007 but wasn’t until 2009 that I started to applying it to my life.

You can find about this cool and productive success strategy in The Success Principles Book by Jack Canfield.

Back then I decided to make an inventory of my all time successes and the ones I achieved in 2009. Since then I’ve been jotting down more than 100 successes every year in the last three years.

And let me tell you something mi amigo… Journaling and tracking our successes is a phenomenal way to focus our attention in the positive news rather than the negatives and the tribials things of life. It’s very easy to get distracted in today’s day with all the gloom and doom that’s happening in our world.

One thing we must have in mind is that…

“Energy flows where attention goes.”

If our attention is going merely to what we are accomplishing we will find our self in a spot of pure victory and excitement. Our belief will increase and our mindset toward life and our dreams will be stronger. And that’s what we want at the end, right?

Are you ready to have your best year of your life? If you are ready to join me I can tell you from my own experience that this exercise will be the catalyst to ensure you a successful life.

Start with your success log if you want to…

  • Build a magnificent self-esteem
  • Build a stronger self-image or
  • Build a powerful self-confidence

By joining me and by applying this success principle you will…

  • Focus your attention in the good things
  • Create positive momentum in your life
  • Reinforce your greatness
  • Wake up the champion you have within you
  • Make better decisions based in positive past results
  • Believe you can achieve anything
  • Feel better about embracing new challenges and
  • Take more risks

Do you want to experience some of those results I mentioned above? I hope your answer is a big and excitedYES” :D.

One more thing I want to mention is that I took this exercise to a whole new level last year when I decided to implement and develop the habit of tracking my successes every single day before I went to bed. This journey started in September and after 90 days of doing it I was running in auto-pilot. It was amazing!!!

I highly encourage you to start writing your successes every day before you go to bed. All the small or big things. This will help you reflect, think and evaluate your activity during the day and you will finish your day in a positive note.

Inspirational Warning: You are going to have wonderful dreams if you do this before you hit your comfortable pillow.

Start today with this new habit and be ready to receive an abundance of joy, happiness and excitement!!!

Are you ready to track your successes in your journal or favorite notebook? Share your thoughts about this post in the comments section below.

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Thanks for stopping by and until next Monday, keep living a happy, joyful and exciting life!!!

You are a Champion

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  1. You’re energy from this post is exploding through my computer! This is a GREAT blog post!

  2. Toda!!! I felt pumped while I was writing today’s post. I think it was because I found a new song that really got me into my hitting zone :-).

    I hope you have a powerful computer… This year I’m bringing thunders of inspiration in every entry of this blog. HEHE!!

    Congratulations of being the #1 person to engage on my blog in 2012. High five from the Caribbean :-).

    You are a Champ!!!

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