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Random Act of Kindness: “The Blessing of the Day”

Photo: The sun rising up in front of my house!!!

Today I will take you with me on a day of adventure, happiness and joy 🙂. You are going to love this… Believe me!!! This is a real true story.

What I’m about to share with you is an inspirational story of three amigos who made the decision to do a “Random Act of Kindness” on January 8th of 2012. Just yesterday!!!

Lets get started…

A few days back I was watching an episode of Oprah Life Class about Joy Rising Moments. In my opinion she is one of the most influential and caring person of this world. I don’t really watch her show regularly, but my wife decided to share with me an awesome and inspirational episode that left me with my mouth open with an expression of “WOW”. She knows that I love anything that carries a message of inspiration!!

On that episode, Oprah was celebrating her 25th season opening (her last season) of the show and she decided to do a “Random Act of Kindness” by taking everyone of the audience, and her work crew, with her to the other side of world on a trip of lifetime to Australia.

Could you imagine being in the audience and experiencing something extraordinary like that? I did literally feel the energy coming out from the TV. Three hundred people were crying, jumping, and hugging each other and expressing freely and openly the emotions of something unexpectedly amazing.

There was an adrenaline of pure joy and excitement. My wife was right… It was unbelievable!!! I couldn’t stop saying the phrase “WOW.”

That act of Oprah got me fired up and inspired me to do something similar but not so big. I’m moving toward that level. HEHE :D.

Then, this Saturday I watched the video below. The story of this amazing video made me pull the trigger to make a decision of doing a “Random Act of Kindness”.

Make sure to watch this video before you keep reading this story!!!

1,874,849 views – 5:45

Isn’t amazing? After watching it… I told my wife lets do it. Lets do a “Random Act of Kindness”. Without hesitation she replied to me saying, “I’m on it.”

Then I called my best friend Abner who introduced me to this video and I shared my thoughts about the incredible impact that we could make in peoples life if we do something similar. He told me: “I would love to do it someday.” I replied; “Forget about someday… Lets do it tomorrow.” So Abner enthusiastically said: “Yes”.

From this point on, my best friend Abner, my lovely wife Lydiana, my adventurous pet Coco and myself have made a decision of making a difference in people’s life by performing an intentionally “Random Act of Kindness.”

Team joy, as I named later, was on a mission of doing something spectacular but we didn’t know what would be the act.

After filtering a few ideas we came up with delivering sandwiches and bottles of water to homeless people from Humacao, Puerto Rico (my hometown).

Together we gathered up and bought our materials in the closest Sam’s Club store. We were really excited… I woke up on Sunday at 6:20am in the morning and picked up my friend Abner and together we headed up to a gasoline station/bakery where I negotiated the day before 10 pounds of bread for $1 dollar each pound instead of $1.75. Not bad at all… Almost a 50% discount!!! That was a great success from the get go!!

Finally at my house around 7am we started to prepare the sandwiches while we were all watching the episode of the Oprah show that inspired me to move closer to make this happen.

Photo: Preparing Sandwiches

By 8am we were done with a total of 40 sandwiches, two boxes of bottles of water and ready to let the fun begin!!!

Photo: Sandwiches ready to go!!

At the beginning we couldn’t find anyone in the streets and I got a little hesitated… But, low and behold, we saw one homeless person walking and we were able to deliver the first sandwich and bottle of water, he received it joyfully and thanked us. After this first success we were rolling!!!

From then on, we were able to deliver 39 sandwiches. We even gave a sandwich to a police officer. HEHE :-). At this point we were trying to make anyone to feel the feeling of something unexpectedly. If you have received something unexpectedly you get my point.

There were two guys that impacted me the most in this journey. The first one of these two, was carrying a backpack and when I gave him the sandwich, he stated that “A lot of people judge them that they’re all the same – referring to being all drug addicts – but we’re all not like that” and he continued to briefly describe how it’s hard and how he was grateful for the backpack someone gave him, because in it he could storage what people give him.

The other one wasn’t a homeless person, but was clearly a poor man and a stranger who we gave a ride back home, as he was pretending to walk around 3 miles through hills with a gas tank all the way to his house. He told us… You guys are doing something great. Thank you very much!!!

Also, we heard phrases like: God bless you”, “that’s a good thing”, “this is a blessing”, “is this real?” and “thank you”. Listening to these phrases made us feel like we were doing big things and changing people’s lives. The title of this blog post came out from one of the sayings of these homeless people.

Like Oprah said, it’s not the sandwiches and the water, it’s the joy rising that someone cared enough to give someone a free breakfast. Also, we might never know the impact this day could make in the lives of anyone we impacted… But something we are sure is that we are making our contribution to make this world a better place.

What I loved the most about the story of the video is that…

What goes around comes around.”

So if we make a choice and we decide to pour joy, kindness, a smile 🙂 or anything of a positive impact into this world it’s almost guarantees that we will receive something spectacular in return.

We don’t know what the universe hold for us in the future and we didn’t do this expecting something in return but I believe if we do good things we are more likely to receive something good than bad.

I hope this story inspire and encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to do a “Random Act of Kindness.” If you decide to do it… I can tell you that it’s going to be an unforgettable life experience.

What inspired you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a happy, joyful and exciting 2012. May all your dreams come true!!!

You are a Champion

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PS: Thank you very much to Angel, Juan Carlos, Diana and Irmaris for collaborating in this beautiful cause. Your help is much appreciated :-).



  1. Anastacio, este es el tema que más me ha impactado. Parte de esta conducta la llevo por dentro y en ocasiones la practico. Puedes contar conmigo para las siguientes. Hasta tengo una idea que se puede desarrollar: Regalarle una planta en un tiesto a personas de escasos recursos en una comunidad cercana a donde vivimos (Ej. Caserío, Barriada, Comunidad Especial, etc). La planta puede ser de una flor en particular o una hortaliza (Ají, Pimiento, Tomate), Culinaria (Perejil, Orégano, Albahaca, Maenta) o Medicinal (Limoncillo, Albahaca Santa, Yerba Buena). Son solo algunos ejemplos. Puedo preparar un semillero y crecerlas en varias semanas. Cualquier cosa me avisas.

    Carlos Ruiz

    • Distinguido, gracias por expresar tu interes en el proyecto de “Random Act of Kindness’ y por compartir tus ideas. Suena espectacular!! Podemos hacer algo al respecto. Te dejo saber para la proxima.

      You are a Champion :-). Un abrazo!!

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