Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | January 13, 2012

Inspirational Video Of The Week #20: “The Most Important Secret Ingredient of Success”

Photo: Key to Success

Do you have any idea of what is the most important secret ingredient of success?

If you don’t have a clue of what might be, don’t worry, after reading this entire post you will know what it is and you will be set and ready to conquer all your dreams and goals this year.

One thing I can tell you is that if you decide to use this secret ingredient in your life you will achieve nothing less than extraordinary results and live a more fulfilling life. And who doesn’t want something like that? Every person would love to live more happily and excitedly :D. There is no doubt about it!!!

What I would love to do right now is to share with you a great analogy to get my point across. If you are with me say “Bring it!”.

One of my big passions is eating great food and cooking delicious meals and two of the main ingredients I always use in my recipes are salt and pepper. You might be thinking that is obvious. For me is very obvious too… But sometimes we take things for granted, specially the obvious things!!! Don’t you think so?

You might be thinking again… Why is Anastacio talking about food on a blog that is all about success, inspiration, uplifting stories and personal development?

Simple… If you want to excel and succeed in life you should know and use this secret ingredient. Period!!!

When you find what it is, it will look very obvious to you. Just make sure to use it every day like I do with my salt and pepper every time I cook.

This powerful ingredient made Cuba Gooding Jr win an Oscar as the best supporting actor in the movie “Jerry Maguire”. Cuba will show you what it is that I’m talking about!!!

Push play my friend and let the fun begins…

2,289,410 views – 1:58

Now you know probably what I’m talking about, right?

Photo: Passion is the secret ingredient!!!

The most important secret ingredient of success is “PASSION”. It’s the single most important element of a having a successful recipe, career, relationship or business.

If we are passionate enough about what we are doing or pursuing in life sooner or later we will reap awesome benefits like Cuba did.

It’s amazing how Cuba fired up everybody in the crowd with his passion and got an standing ovation. His expressions, words and vibrant energy are so contagious that every time I watch this video I get goose bumps. It really transports me into a frequency of “I can do anything”.

If you haven’t watched the “Jerry Maguire” movie yet, rent it ASAP!!! By the way, click here to get access to a blog post I wrote about the 20 Inspirational Movies Every Person Should Watch.

I think George Wilhelm said it best,

“Nothing great in this world has been accomplished without PASSION.”

Now let’s get up and live a passionately life!!!

Last but not least, I would like to know what inspired you the most about Cuba? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a happy, joyful and exciting weekend. May all your dreams come true this year!!!

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