Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | April 6, 2012

Inspirational Video Of The Week #32: “Amy Purdy – Living Beyond Limits”

Today inspirational video features the amazing story of Amy Purdy.

A three times world cup gold medalist in the snowboarding sport, professional model, actress and a pure example of someone who’s living a life based in possibilities, imagination and beyond limits.

Imagination allows us to break down borders, to move beyond our circumstances, to create and constantly progress.” Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy has been through hardships that most of us will never face. But what makes her story so incredible is not that fact that she lived a “normal” childhood and spent her high school years as a passionate artist and snowboarder, but how she has persevered, taking implausible challenges and rising above them.

This video will encourage and inspire you to look your limitations and challenges, not as something bad, but as blessings. Magnificent gifts to ignite your creativity and imagination!! She also explains how our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by the choices we make.

Enjoy 😀

170,988 views – 9:37

Isn’t she amazing? Wow!! If she can do it we can do it.

The biggest take away I took from this amazingly inspirational story was the life changing question below…

If you life were a book and you were the author, how do you want you story to go?

I found it very simple… But, powerful at the same time. It really put us in a position of creators, designers and painters of our greatest destiny.

Let’s welcome the borders and obstacles so we can choose to use the power and infinite force of our creativity and imagination to soar like an eagle in moments of fear and desperation.

What inspired you the most from this story?  What’s your biggest take away? Be sure to share it in the comments section below.

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Borders are where the actual ends, but also where the imagination and the story begins.”

You are a Champion

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