Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | September 21, 2012

Inspirational Video Of The Week #55: “Clay Dyer – The Most Inspirational Fisherman Ever”

Clay Dyer in action!

Today’s inspirational video features Clay Dyer, a professional sport bass fisherman who didn’t let his physical disabilities diminish his determination, positive spirit and passion for what he loves the most, fishing.

The heart and the love he displays for his life and the sport is surreal. It’s a wonderful example of someone making things happen no matter how bad the situation looks like. This guy is a true winner. Believe me ;-).

If you think your obstacles are big and your circumstances are not helping you achieve your dreams, wait until you see this man. Oh my god. It’s unbelievable!

He is a PRO even without any lower limbs, no arm on the left side and a partial arm on the right. Yes, you hear me right! Luckily you are not missing any of these essentials parts of your body like him and if you don’t, you really have an advantage.

I love his motto, “If I can, you can.” I believe I can… Do You?

Let me tell you something before you get rolling… Most likely after watching this video your problems are going to shrink and your excuses are going to vanish!!! Are you ok with that?

Well, if you are ready to get rid of some mental blockages and stepping up into your greatness, this might be the greatest inspirational story you have ever seen.

Now press play and enjoy the remarkable story of Clay :D.

636,477 views – 9:22

Remember guys, having a positive attitude can put us right from the bat on front of the crowd. Let’s approach life with a possibilities, gratefulness and cheerful mindset.

What inspired you the most from Clay’s story? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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I can rest assured that they will appreciate you for bringing inspiration and motivation to their lives :-).

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