Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | September 28, 2012

Inspirational Video Of The Week #56: “You are Never Too OLD to Chase Your DREAMS”

You are never too late to chase your DREAMS!

Have you recently reviewed your dream notepad or your bucket list?

If so, have you found something that seems hard to accomplish because you feel you are too old to go after it? If that’s the case, you are in for a real treat ;-).

Today’s inspirational video features 5 men with an average age of 81 years old. One who is hard of hearing, another diagnosed with cancer and the 3 others with heart diseases. Oh, and every one of them have degenerative joint complications.

One day these 5 amigos were having lunch together just waiting to die and furiously one of them slams his full hand on the table and said “lets go ride our motorcycles”. This guy felt like there were wasting their time and realized they still had the opportunity to live and the choice to do whatever they want it to do.

With six months of preparation. They embarked in a 13-day road trip around the island of Taiwan for one simple reason, to live FULLY and to conquer their DREAMS.

These guys will inspire you to chase your dreams if you have the mental barrier of “I’m too old”. Hope you get excited and empowered with this awesome story as much as I did.

Now press play and enjoy this tale based on a true story :D.

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“You CAN conquer any possible challenge even if is BIG or small with perseverance, determination and dedication, even if everyone else says you can’t. It’s never too late and the real truth is that you’re never too old.”

“We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw

What inspired you the most from this group of achievers? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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