Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | October 19, 2012

Inspirational Video Of The Week #59: “ Felix Baumgartner’s Supersonic Freefall from 128k”

Photo by Daily Inspiration and Motivation Fan Page at Facebook

This last Sunday a 43-year-old Austrian daredevil skydiver went on a mission never done before. Some people at the time might say this guy is crazy or out of his mind if he is going to do that. Do what Taso?

The mission… “To jump from a giant balloon at an altitude of 120,000 feet approximately and go faster than the speed of sound.” Simply scary and exhilarating! This is what I called a BIG Hairy Audacious Goal at the finest.

If you don’t have a clue of how high this jump was, let me put it on in perspective for you. Did you know that the average cruising altitude of a commercial airplane is about 30,000 feet? This jump was four times higher.

You must have courage, faith, a strong support team, a master plan and be well prepared to pull off something of this kind of magnitude. Well, it looks like everything went right according to the plan and to the Red Bull crew. And I’m a witness of that. I watched this historic event live from my computer while he was spinning in the air at supersonic speeds and trying to stabilize his body. It was quite amazing!

On October 14th, 2012, Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier reaching an estimated speed of 834mph, the highest manned-balloon flight record at 24 miles and became the man to jump from the highest altitude at 128,100 feet above earth.

Not only he accomplished some serious goals, but also he showed us that there is a world of endless possibilities and that barriers are meant to be broken (mentally of physically).

I think we should strive to challenge the status quo every day a little bit harder with the mentality of getting the most we can from our grandest potential. I believe we are capable of being, doing and having more.

Let’s start playing big and being more adventurous! Is it a deal? If so, press play and watch history being made 😀

22,094,326 views – 1:30

Sometimes we have to get really high to see how small we are.” Felix Baumgartner

Click here if you would like to watch the full recap of this mission!

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