Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | November 16, 2012

Inspirational Video Of The Week #63: “What Matter Isn’t How We Reach the Finish Line But Rather WHY”

A runner finishing strong!

Each life travels, at its own speed and carries its own meaning. When we would reach the end? None of us know, so we run on until our seasons come to a finish. And what matter is not only how we reach that line but WHY.”

Today inspirational video features a unique story of Jim Tracy, a running coach of the San Francisco University high school for almost two decades, winning 7 state championships and tied for most in California history. He use to ran 10 miles a day every day until he got a fatal neuro-degenerative condition that caused his muscles to shut down, impeding him from doing what he loves the most, running and climbing to the top. Not an easy challenge to handle, right?

Before the 2010 season began, against Tracy’s wishes the school officials told the team about his disease. The captain of the team started to cry. Everyone in the team was in shock and very sad 😦 Can you imagine for a moment watching your mentor, coach, dad/mom or someone you look up to, suffering from a disease that’s is so bad that doesn’t allow he/she from doing what he/she is most passionate about? It’s a tough call, ah!

On the bright side 😀 This is what the team did for Jim… They gathered in this inner circle and decided to support him by simply WINNING! They figured out why they want it to win and they were 100% committed to make it happen no matter what kind of challenge they face.

I truly love this story and I have a feeling you will love it too. It clearly shows what could potentially be accomplished when a team comes together with a strong mission and a burning desire. And it also encapsulates how having a strong reason toward a goal could help us go the extra mile and bring the best out of us: the persistence, the tenacity and the determination!

Now without any further ado, press play and watch this incredible story of success!!!

Enjoy 😉

4,193 views – 6:04

“The one who falls and gets up it so much stronger than the one who never fell.” Unknown

What inspired you the most from this video? What’s your biggest take away? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Great post Anastacio, I found it very inspiring. Thank you for posting. It has actually inspired me for today.

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