Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | March 1, 2013

Inspirational Video Of The Week #73: “Part 2 of People are AWESOME”

Today’s inspirational video features a compilation of people doing awesome things!! In other words… Things out of their mind. It’s very inspiring and to be honest with you, a bit scary to watch too. A year ago I posted the original video of “People are AWESOME” on this blog and still one of the best motivational videos on YouTube with over 55 millions views. Click here if you haven’t seen it! It’s worth your time ;-).

The reason I love so much this video and this series of videos called “People are Awesome” is because it shows the passion of an individual toward something they love doing. And I know for a fact, that the SUCCESS of these people is greatly rewarded by their sacrifice, the long hours of practice and hard work and by their relentless attitude of never giving up. Nothing great is ever achieved easily! It takes will, a burning desire and the ability to overcome mental and physical fears.

Now, without any further ado I hope you enjoy watching these ordinary people doing extraordinary things…

3,668,036 views – 4:29

What inspired you the most from today’s video? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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