My Bucket List

Here are some of my most unique dreams that I would like to achieve and experience during the course of my lifetime

1. To become a Millionaire

2. To become a great Father

3. To become a chef from from the prestigious culinary school Le Cordon Bleu

4. To run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain

5. To speak several Languages (I speak Spanish & English) – Victory πŸ™‚

6. To become a successful businessman & investor

7. To run a marathon (26 mile long)

8. To climb the highest mountains of every continent (Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa; Mt. Everest, Asia; Mt. Denali, North America; Mt. Aconcagua, South America; Mt. Elbrus, Europe; Mt. Vinson, Antarctica; Mt. Carstensz, Oceania; Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia)

9. To write a best selling book

10. To do a triathlon

11. To visit the 7 wonders of the world (Chichen Itza, Mexico; Colosseum, Italy; Christ Redeemer, Brazil; Taj Mahal, India; Great Wall, China; Machu Picchu, Peru; Petra, Jordan) – Chichen Itza it’s a victory πŸ™‚

12. To visit the 7 natural wonders of the world (Still voting)

13. To own beautiful places all around the world

14. To own a home for every single season of the year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn)

15. To flight a fighter jet (MIG 25)

16. To drive a formula one car

17. To watch a NBA final game in first row with my friends

18. To run a mile under 5 minutes

19. To go to the space and experience ZERO gravity

20. To learn how to play golf

21. To go in a hot air balloon above a beautiful place with my wife Lydiana

22. To travel & explore more than 100 countries

23. To go hang-gliding

24. To go skydiving at Mount Everest

25. To go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

26. To go surfing in Hawaii

27. To see a volcano from an helicopter

28. To go to the Grand Canyon – Victory πŸ™‚

29. To speak around the country

30. To be in a career path I really enjoy (want to do it because I want it and not because I need it)

31. To go watch a rocket launch

32. To have dinner in the sky

33. To be able to make $ from anywhere in the world

34. To swim with the dolphins – Victory πŸ™‚

35. To ride on a camel on my way to see the pyramids of Egypt

36. To go to Antarctica & walk over an Iceberg with penguins around me

37. To go to a movie premier

38. To go on a safari with my family and see wild animals around Africa

39. To go drafting in a great river (Costa Rica is an option)

40. To cook in a TV show with a celebrity chef Β (Paula Deen, Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, Robert Irvine and Giada de Laurentiis)

41. To open a blog Β and write my first article – Victory πŸ™‚

42. To get married – Victory πŸ™‚

43. To go skydiving in Puerto Rico – Victory πŸ™‚

44. To go wine tasting in a vineyard – Victory πŸ™‚

45. To wear a custom made suit from Astor & Black

46. To open a charity

47. To be part of a board of advisors – Victory πŸ™‚

46. To be part of a Mastermind Group – Victory πŸ™‚

47. To read the Bible from cover to cover

48. To go to the Olympic Games

49. To go to the Winter Olympic Games

50. To go to the World Cup of Soccer

51. To go to the FIBA World Championship

52. To go visit the little girl from Chile that I have sponsored through world vision

53. To open a website with my name

54. To go to the ESPY Awards

55. To go to the Academy Awards

56. To go to a live concert of Coldplay, Yanni or Andrea Bocelli

57. To have dinner at the White House

58. To go to a third world country and do community work

59. To learn how to play percusion

60. To deliver a seminar in English – Victory πŸ™‚

61. To find a mentor – Victory πŸ™‚

62. To do a bonfire with friends while we eat marshmallows with chocolate – Victory πŸ™‚

63. To go hiking in a beautiful place – Victory πŸ™‚

64. To live in a foreign country – Victory πŸ™‚

65. To go on a Caribbean Cruise – Victory πŸ™‚

66. To go to Vegas and gamble – Victory πŸ™‚

68. Learn to fly a plane

69. To dive in a submarine

70. To have children

71. To walk through a glass pit

72. To walk through a firewalk

73. To break a piece of wood with my hands – Victory πŸ™‚

75. To do 100 push up non stop ( I have done 70 non stop, I got it keep practicing)

76. To meet some of the most incredible thought leaders and big influencers of this time. So far I’ve met: Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Alex Mandossian, Brad Sugars, Tom Hopkins, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Vic Conant, Robert Irvine, Tony Robbins, Denis Waitley, Keith Ferrazzi, Joe Sweeney, Chris Howard, Lewis Howes, Lynn Rose, Michael Hutchison, Paul Hoffman – Victory πŸ™‚

77. To go visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa and to eat a fresh pizza, Italy

78. To go visit the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Empire State Building and the famous Wall Street, New York

79. To go visit the Vatican City, Rome

80. To go visit the Eiffel Tower, Arch of Triumph, Louvre and the Eliseos Champs in France

81. To go visit the Blue Grotto, Capri

82. To go visit the Niagara Falls, Canada

83. To go visit the Yunque Rainforest, Puerto Rico – Victory πŸ™‚

84. To go visit the “Fort San Felipe del Morro”, Puerto Rico – Victory -)

85. To go visit the Tower of London, England

86. To learn how to properly swim – Victory πŸ™‚

87. To go deep fishing and catch a mahi mahi or a marlin

88. To help someone in need – Victory πŸ™‚

89. To invent a product and make a patent of it

90. To stay at the Skibo Castle, Scotland (It was the home of the industrialist and first millionaire of United States Andrew Carnegie)

91. To go visit the “Cenote Ikil”, Mexico – Victory πŸ™‚

92. To build a family house from ground up

93. To have a backyard with fresh herbs to use when I am cooking

94. To take a Volcanic Mud Bath – Victory πŸ™‚

95. To make a Snow Man

96. To eat a fresh greek salad in Greece

97. To go visit La Fontana de Trevi, Roma

98. To learn how to dance salsa

99. To go visit the Magic World of Disney – Victory πŸ™‚

100. To go to the Super Bowl

101. To go camping above the clouds

102. Create a 101 Bucket List – Victory πŸ™‚

103. To do dogs sledding in Alaska

104. To drive a car in a no limit speed highway

105. To drive over the Coronado Bridge, San Diego – Victory πŸ™‚

106. To be the last speaker in a very important event full of a lineup of highly successful individuals

107. To eat a lobster and drink champagne with Lydiana in a dinner table close to beach watching the sunset in France or Monte Carlo, Monaco.

108. To experience an earthquake – Victory πŸ™‚

109. To fire a pistol – Victory πŸ™‚

110. To fly in first class on private suite with the Emirates Airlines

111. To get a drink on an ice bar

112. To be invited to a radio show and participate on it – Victory πŸ™‚

113. To goΒ from the bottom to the top of Santorini in a dunkey

114. To give a tip bigger than the bill of a meal

115. To go to the Alcatraz Jail and to the Golden Bridge in San Francisco πŸ™‚

116. To see the water show of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas – Victory πŸ™‚

117. To experience a lucid dream

118. To have my own restaurant

119. To hit the bull’s eye on a dartboard

120. To land in a helicopter on top of a building in a big city full of skyscrapers

121. To fly in an ultralight airplane – Victory πŸ™‚

122. To drive a NASCAR car – Victory πŸ™‚

123. To see snow and do skiingor snowboarding – Victory πŸ™‚

What are you waiting to create yours? Do it now that you are fire UP.

Thanks for stopping by and dare to live life on your own terms!!!

You are a Champion :-).

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  1. Amazing Bucket list!!! Love your focus, drive and passion!

  2. really cool bucketlist πŸ˜€

  3. Very nice bucket list.

  4. Awesome List πŸ™‚ wish you all the best to complete the rest of the list

  5. good ones.. Even I have a big list. How much have you completed from this list.

    • This is a small portion of my full bucket list! The things that have a happy face are the ones I’ve accomplished. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hey Anastacio!
    I love this bucket list! It was great to get to know you last night! Keep your contagious enthusiasm!

    • It was great meeting & chatting with you yesterday! Let’s make this year the best one of our lives. I hope to visit you and the beautiful country of Canada one of these days. Cheers and follow your dream! I believe in you bro πŸ˜‰

  7. even i too have a dream of living life to the fullest and i am greatly inspired by your thought provoking attitude and dreams. you can achieve that dream if u go on following your hearts. good luck anastacio,

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