About Anastacio

Me after having a great day in the beach with friends!

Me after having a great day in the beach with friends!

ANASTACIO MARTINEZ is a highly motivated and enthusiastic person with a shine positive attitude toward life. Actually living in Los Angeles, CA. His friends called him “Taso”.

Eager to learn, optimistic and people oriented are some of his greatest assets.

He is the CIO, Chief Inspirational Officer of “Inspiration From Anastacio Martinez’s Blog. A blog designed to inspire and empower people to pursue their wildest dreams and to help them live life to the fullest potential.

Dream Big, Think Big and Play Big is his philosophy.

Committed to constant and never ending improvement in topics like goal setting, success, networking, wealth creation, relationship building, social media and studying successful individuals are among his top priorities in his life.

Inspiring people to achieve and experience more out of life is what energize him the most.

Connecting people, resources and ideas is what he enjoy in a daily basis. Some of the things he love are: cooking, speaking, writing, travelling, reading personal developments books, social media, adventuring, languages, building relationships, sending thank you notes, hiking, watching inspirational movies and anything that add flavor and excitement to his life.

His top passions are: food, adventures, personal developmentgiving back and interacting with people and building meaningful relationships.

I appreciate you for swinging by and reading this blog and for getting to know more about me, my ideas, thoughts and wisdom that I’ve acquired in my personal life.

All the comments posted are going to be received with an open heart and with much appreciation. And believe me, I will answer back on every comment you post. That’s the least I can do to pay you back on investing your time in reading one of my blog posts.

Well,  Thank You Very Much” for visiting and I hope you like the content I’m delivering!!!

You are a Champion :-).


Anastacio “Taso”

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  1. Beautiful picture my friend – excited to jump with you!!!

  2. Follow Anastacio Martinez if you want to be inspired! Keep up the great work and continue to pour value on to everyone!

    • I really appreciate your encouragement & I look forward to keep inspiring, motivating and sharing great value to every person around me.

  3. Yes! been skydiving a couple times myself, next up proximity flying! Good to connect with you Anastacio

    • That’s awesome my friend… Great to see you around!!! Looking forward to do an epic adventure with you :-).

  4. Thanks for all the great postings. Your positive attitude is contagious and inspiring !!

    • You are welcome!!! I’m very happy & glad that we met each other. Your friendship has been a blessing in my life.

      You are a WINNER :-).

  5. I really love your amazing attitude Anastacio.

  6. Nice Job man!!! I’m gonna take some time to go around your blog.

  7. hi anastacio. im helen anthonius from jakarta indonesia. i leave a msg for you, in your facebook. please check it out. love your positive energy!

  8. Thank you for whatever you are doing..I read My Bucket List first and then about you…I felt badly about …a need to list down my unique dreams first. I have started pen down them. You are amazing.

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