Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | October 24, 2011

Bucket List Item: Flying in an Ultralight Airplane

Photo: My Ultralight Airplane.

Now I know how does it feel to fly in an Ultralight Airplane.  Exhilarating, thrilling, calm and safe!!!

Just Yesterday I was cruising in an Ultralight Airplane at 42mph and 1000 to 1200 feet above the East Coast of the enchantment island of Puerto Rico. Talking with my pilot over the microphone with my top gun helmet on it made feel it was real. I’m glad I brought with me my aviators glasses. Hehe!!

It was a thrill of a lifetime to feel the fresh breeze from the Caribbean Ocean and watching my first sunset from the sky. Also, I got the chance to see the panoramic view of the prestige El Yunque Rainforest and flew above Palmas Del Mar Resort . Must things to visit if you haven’t been there.

I could see the beautiful islands of Culebra and Vieques. Let me tell you, the day was perfect!!! Sunny day and clear skies :-). What else could I ask for? You can’t go wrong with that kind of weather!!!

I found something interesting happening in the sky while I was flying. It set my mind in a peaceful and very relax mode and reaffirmed the fact that we are living in a limitless field of zero boundaries. *We just create our own limits* That was an Aha moment there!!! Great lesson :-). Yessss.

It’s so amazing when we plug out from the daily routine and experience something never done before. I truly loved the ride and that feeling!!! It gave me a new perspective of looking things from different dimensions when we approach life. These are the type of things that enrich our lives.

A few years ago I started writing all the things I want to do before I die in My Bucket List. And I ask myself why not to live life to the fullest when I just have one opportunity to live in this wonderful world. I decided today to add a new perspective and a new angle to my blog by sharing with you the things I’m crossing off My Bucket List. This was a last minute decision (changing my topic)!!! I learned over the last few months that we must be flexible, go with the flow and follow our intuition. And that’s what I did today. I thought that by sharing the things I’m accomplishing you could get inspired, empowered and motivated to do the same.

Photo: Getting ready to go to the airstrip & take off.

Photo: Flying at 1000ft above the ground. Pure adrenaline at this point!!!

Photo: The pilot & the copilot having a good time. Enjoying the Caribbean sunset.

Photo: End of the ride. Landed safe!!!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Overall it was an awesome, spectacular and great experience!!! I highly recommend it… You can find more info at Father & Son Sport Aviation.

I really like The North Face mantra “Never Stop Exploring”. Let’s adopt that mantra too. Stay tuned for more upcoming adventures.

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  1. So very true! All of us go out into the world searching for answers. Though we should not forget to enjoy the journey. For that was why we are here to discover, to enjoy, to live! Great Post!

    • Thanks!!! I really appreciate you for taking the time to read this post & commenting on it. Taking the time to do fun things is what really clear our mind & propel us to new levels of creativity and imagination :-).

      You are a WINNER!!!

  2. Hey brother I hope you really enjoy that ride. I want to do it too. I remember my ride in helicopter,it feel like a little kid hehe. See you in the next adventure.

    • It was an AMAZING experience :-). Now I got it do the helicopter ride & you have to do the one I did on Sunday. See you in the sky!!!

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