Posted by: Anastacio Martinez | November 14, 2011

4 Things To Do To Be More Effective At Remembering People’s Names

Have you ever feel embarrassed by the consequences of forgetting someone’s name? It’s an awkward and uncomfortable situation when something like this happens, isn’t?

The big question here is… Would you like to become a master at remembering people’s names? I hope you do!!! This is a great relationship habit to develop.

To improve this behavior we must focus, be presence and have a strong intention of really remembering people’s names. If you are with me, say YES!!!

Today, I have a few great tips for you. Believe me, I have the solution you are looking for. All of these tips are based in my real life experiences practicing and perfecting how to be more effective at this important topic.

If you master this important part of relationship building, more likely you will have the edge and ultimately you will be memorable and remarkable in people’s perceptions.

Dale Carnegie said, “A person’s name is to that person the sweatiest and most important sound in any language.” Author of “How To Win Friends And Influence People.”

If you have a hard time remembering people’s names until now… From now on you are going to be unstoppable. You are going to be a magnet of people’s names.

Here below are the 4 things to do to become a master at remembering people’s names:

1. Train Your Mind To Remember People’s Names

This is the most important tip to master it if we want to become successful at remembering a person’s name. Probably the reason why you forget people’s names is because you have programmed yourself with thoughts like:

  • I am bad at remembering people’s names
  • I am terrible at people’s names
  • I forget people’s names very quickly
  • I am the worst person at remembering a person’s name
  • I am bad with names

Have you ever thought about any of these affirmations before? If so, this is the main reason why you keep forgetting people’s names. You have installed a software of negative thoughts. This is not helping you at all…

Now, let’s flip the coin and adopt a new way of thinking. I want to share with you a few positive and enriching declarations that you could use to alter your thinking pattern. Here they are:

  • I am great at remembering people’s names
  • I am easily remembering people’s names
  • I am a master at memorizing and associating people’s names
  • I have a brilliant mind always helping me remember people’s names
  • I remember people’s names easily and effortlessly

Changing your self-talk is the starting point to success!!!

2. Have A Strong Desire

What if the person you are going to meet have 1 million dollars available for your start up or your non-profit organization? Or maybe he/she is a recruiter and it’s looking to hire people for a company? Would you be able to remember his/her name? Of course you will. It’s all about how much meaning you give to it.

Develop a strong and a burning desire to every person you come across. Believe he/she is a potential resource to your dreams. By thinking in this way and by holding this mental attitude you will increase your memory effectiveness.

3. Associate

Associating their name with a famous actor, actress, singer, sports player or a brand is my favorite part of all. This is the part where you become creative. Always associate people with people who are in a good standing. Let me share with you some of my recent interactions.


  • He said, my name is Bryant, I said Great to meet you, Bryant. Is it Bryant like the super star of the NBA team LA Lakers?”
  • He said, my name is Hugo, I said Great to meet you, Hugo. Is it Hugo like the famous clothing line Hugo Boss?
  • He said, my name is Kevin, I said Great to meet you Kevin. Is it Kevin like the actor Kevin Spacy?
  • He said, my name is Enrique, I said Great to meet you, Enrique. Is it Enrique like the popular singer Enrique Iglesias?

4. Repeat

Repetition plays a major role when it comes to winning the battle between forgetting and remembering a person’s name. Normally, we forget a name during the first few minutes after you hear it due to the lack of repetition. Here are a few action items you can use to stay in top of your game:

  • Repeat their name in your mind as often as possible. Mental activity = Name productivity. I usually use this technique when I’m introduced to a group of people. Like 4 to 8 people at one time. It’s powerful.
  • Use their name for everything. Introductions, questions, invitations, conversations. Without overdoing it!!!


  • Harry, would you like to get you a drink?
  • So Harry, where do you live?
  • Harry, let me introduce you to my good friend Joe.
  • Harry, would you like to come to next Saturday to a BBQ at my house?

If you noticed in the association’s examples (tip #3) I used the name three times in a single sentence. That’s a perfect example right there of using repetition!!!

Do you feel more relax now? This is simple and powerful stuff if you apply it.

These tips could help you create “WOW” experiences. What do you mean Anastacio? There are many times I been in a party, cocktail, seminar or networking event and at the end of the event I called a person by their name and they look to me amaze with a “WOW” expression. Then, they said, “WOW” you remember my name? And this is the part where you will be remembered as a caring, unique and exceptional person.

I encourage you to put into practice these tips the next time you go to a networking event, cocktail or simply in a one on one meeting with someone you are getting to know for the first time. The more you practice these tips the better and more effective you will become at the art of remembering people’s names.

I think this post couldn’t be posted in a better timing like this. Approaching the holiday season!!

Have fun and enjoy the learning journey!!!

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